Elected in November 2002 to serve the newly created 21st Senate District, Senator Kevin Parker had aggressively tackled the issues facing the 311,000 constituents of the district with a commitment to breaking down barriers and building bridges. In so doing, he has worked with every population segment, their civic, business and religious leaders and institutions in an effort to realize his ultimate aim of ensuring adequate representation for all New Yorkers and a making the 21st District the community of choice in the 21st Century.

Economic Development

The struggle for economic empowerment continues for constituents of my district as well as the people of this great State of New York. Therefore...


Throughout my tenure in the State legislature, I have advocated education as an economic empowerment issue. Education holds the key to our empowerment...


Investing in renewable energy sources is undoubtedly the best way to reduce our carbon footprint while simultaneously providing working families with good paying jobs through the new “green collar economy.

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